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PSIRA Registration
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PSIRA Registration  

PSIRA Registration

Register your Security Company with PSIRA

The private security industry has become one of the largest industries in South Africa. The role of private security companies is quite different compared to that of the police, therefore it has different values and regulations. In South Africa, the Private Security sector is regulated by Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). It is a criminal offence if you render a Security Service either as a Security Service Provider or work as a Security Officer, without being registered with PSIRA

PSIRA Company Registration if you have a Registered Company : R10,580.00


Full Set Up including Company Registration, PSIRA Registration, Tax Clearance Certificate, CSD Registration, UIF Registration, COID Registration, Opening of Business Bank Account, Business Website : R16,445.00

PSIRA GRADES E,D,C,B & A : R7,000.00

PSIRA GRADES E,D & C : R4,000.00

PSIRA GRADES E & D : R3,000.00

PSIRA GRADES D & C : R3,000.00

PSIRA GRADES B & A : R4,000.00

PSIRA GRADE B : R2,000.00

PSIRA GRADE A : R2,000.00

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PSIRA Registration

Terms and conditions: We take care of all we do. If for any reason the Customer does not comply with submitting the right documents to us, and wish to cancel a service we will retain the Costs as well as 35% of the Profit.
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